About Isidro G. Pentzke Ed.D.

Isidro G. Pentzke Ed.D.
Plam Beach State Photography Instructor
Department: Art
Location: Palm Beach State.
4200 Congress Avenue
Lake Worth, FL 33461

Office location: Palm Beach Gardens Photo Lab
Email: IGP@Isidropentzke.com 
Phone: +1-561-225-8480

Professional Profile

Isidro G. Pentzke is an Adjunct Art Instructor that specializes in film and digital photography. His work has been shown at many local and out of state galleries. Mr. Pentzke has also given numerous artist talks on his work. His most recent work covers augmented reality and the effect it has on today's society (2018). Mr. Pentzke comes to Palm Beach State after a long career in professional photography, with over twenty years of experience in both the commercial and the fine art world. His education in the arts and experience in business makes Mr. Pentzke a wealth of knowledge. Many of his students go onto become successful entrepreneurs of the arts.

Mr. Pentzke splits his time between Palm Beach State and the Palm Beach Photographic Center. A center that is geared to enhance the learning of the arts within the community. Mr. Pentzke, challenges his students to see art as more than a way to express themselves. His goal is to teach his students, that art can do so much more than only express beauty or pain, Art can help change the world.

Previous to his academic career, Mr. Pentzke earned his undergraduate and master degrees in the arts. His undergraduate was received in 2013 from Florida Atlantic University College of Art and Design. His Bachelors of Fine Arts degree is in Studio Art. He next received his Masters of Fine Art Degree in Studio Art from Lesley University College of Art and Design, Boston, MA, in 2018. Mr.Pentzke is now pursuing his Education Doctorate Degree in education and leadership from Lynn University, to be conferred Spring of 2021.

Previous to coming to Palm Beach State College Isidro G. Pentzke was the Wellington Community High School’s photography instructor.

Prior to this position in a classroom, Mr. Pentzke served as a day to day instructor in the Palm Beach School District system for over 5 years, alongside of his career as a professional photographer. As a day to day instructor, he has been more than prepared to teach in a classroom. He filled in for permanent teachers at a moment’s notice, closely adhered to lesson plans, and ensured that students were motivated, engaged and focused in classes with 30 plus students.


2021 Doctorate Degree in education and leadership from Lynn University, Boca Raton 2018 Master of Fine Art Studio Art Lesley University College of Art and Design, Boston

2013 Bachelor of Fine Arts Studio Art Florida Atlantic University Florida, College of Art and Design, Boca Raton 2010 Bachelor of Science Business Management Florida Career College, West Palm Beach

Teaching philosophy

In this ever-changing world, it is a necessity to research the past. It is with this research that one can understand why and where the future is going. Teaching specialties

Mr. Pentzke teaches continuing education courses on photography at the Palm Beach Photographic Center in West Palm Beach, FL. He also teaches Photoshop certification and other programs that are included in the Adobe Creative Suite.

Artist statement

In a world where many are plugged in to a cyber world. It is hard to believe, that you are not being programed. This work is a portal, that uses a geometric algorithm to unlock a cyber experience. The use of technology can lead to a state of technological suspension. This suspension forces non-technological bystanders to navigate around the living statue. The trigger for this suspension is no more than a tactile image that is reminiscent of an archaic format that changes to a retina stimulus when viewed through a digital Lookingglass. As the viewer places the virtual reality headset on, they become fully engrossed in a virtual reality world. In this new environment, the viewer finds themselves alone, yet, aware of the world they left behind. Every sound and smell is a reminder that the digital world can be a cold, and lonely world.

INPhotos Fine Art

Welcome to INPhotos Fine Art INPhotos was started by Isidro G. Pentzke and his best friend Nicole Web in the summer of 2000. Both Nicole and Isidro graduated from Wellington Community High School, where there love for photography and arts came alive.

Their love for photography led them to many opportunities. One of which was to photograph local martial art schools. After delivering the photos to the schools, both Isidro and Nicole noticed how much everyone loved their work. This is when they discovered every moment was special, so they decided why not capture every moment in a photograph. Which later became their motto.

20 years later both Isidro and Nicole still love taking photos. Isidro went on to continue his love for the arts by going to school and receiving both his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Florida Atlantic University and his Master of Fine Arts from Lesley University. In 2021 Isidro will receive his doctorate in education and leadership from Lynn University.

Over the years INPhotos has captured hundreds of images for every kind of event from small intimate moments to presidential campaigns. This is what makes INPhotos the best photography company the versatility.